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2011 and 2012

The first meeting of the “Howick Local Board Youth Council” is held in August with 18 students from nine secondary schools. Auckland Council’s Youth Advisory Panel is established, and youth council member Ben Dowdle becomes Howick’s first representative. In 2012, the Howick Youth Council continues meeting and establishes a clearer picture of its purpose.


Manisha Morar becomes the first chair of the Howick Youth Council. Lance Watene becomes the group’s facilitator. The youth council holds its first Howick Youth Summit (formerly known as Youth Conference).



Mackenzie Valgre is elected as the second chair of the youth council. She also becomes Howick’s second representative on the Youth Advisory Panel. For the first time, applications are extended outside of secondary schools through “open seats”. The youth council runs its first project aimed at increasing voter turnout in that year’s general election.


Veisinia Maka is elected as the third chair of the youth council, with Zachary Wong as deputy chair.


The youth council holds several events, including a market day. Auckland Council implements the “empowered communities” approach for all youth voice groups in Auckland.



Zachary Wong and Veisinia Maka become co-chairs of the youth council. Veisinia becomes Howick’s third representative on the Youth Advisory Panel.


Catherine Cooper becomes the youth council’s facilitator. The youth council joins the Southern Youth Collective and contributes to a regional project.


Natasha Karsan is elected as chair of the youth council, with Cuan Pillay as deputy chair. The youth council drives more than 100 submissions for that year’s Local Board Plan.

Summit (62).JPG


Zachary Wong is elected as chair and Andrew Scott as deputy chair. The new leadership team adopts the youth council’s “teams model” and gains operational independence.


Fortnightly meetings turn into weekly ones, and Te Tuhi begins its formal support of the youth council. The youth council delivers 15 projects, including the Howick Youth Council’s inaugural East Auckland Visual and Performing Arts Showcases.


Jack Collins is elected as chair, with Ben Fraser as deputy chair. The youth council delivers 21 projects with significant growth in attendance and engagement.


These include the first Howick Youth Survey, Pride Unified, and the East Auckland Youth Awards.

Induction Day 2019 (30).JPG


The youth council grows by four members to 32. Ben Fraser is elected as chair, with Jack Collins as deputy chair.


Youth council members begin to meet remotely because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Of the 21 projects delivered in 2020, seven were run online.


The Howick Youth Council marks 10 years. It grows to 36 members. Ben Fraser and Danica Loulié-Wijtenburg are elected as co-chairs. The youth council plans to deliver 22 projects, including the continuation of Youth Summit, Youth Survey, Visual Arts Showcase, Youth Awards, and others.



Jessica Dixon and Thomas Donnell are elected as co-chairs. The council delivers 18 projects, breaking HYC records in several events. 

The East Auckland Youth Space is launched and witnesses massive success. 

The organisations and schools 
we work with

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Macleans College, Botany Downs Secondary College, Pakuranga College, Ormiston Senior College, Edgewater College, St. Kentigern College, Elim Christian College, Howick College, Sancta Maria College

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