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East Auckland's Youth Performing Arts Showcase 2020 — running for its third year

Sign-up's now close 26th September.

Sign up here: youth.org.nz/hycperformingarts

The Howick Youth Council's East Auckland Performing Arts Showcase will be running for its third year!

The Youth Performing Arts Showcase brings together youth of age 12 - 24, from our school communities in East Auckland who are passionate about the performing arts, and gives them a time and place where they can express their passions about this part of their lives.

This event has been run for two years in 2018 and 2019 and has attracted a wide array of talent from musicians, singers, dancers, artists and stand-up comedians.

We believe it is important to continue highlighting and providing opportunities for our community’s creatives, especially at a community-wide scale, to allow people to come together through the arts.

We will be holding this event at Uxbridge Arts & Culture in Howick on the evening of Thursday 22 October.

The East Auckland Youth Performing Arts Showcase is proudly brought to you by the Howick Youth Council and supported by Uxbridge Arts & Culture — the Howick Youth Council is supported by the Howick Local Board.

This event is subject to external conditions around the prevention of COVID-19 and implications for mass gatherings including potential postponement. The Howick Youth Council will advise further to the time of showcase of any preventative measures to be undertaken.

Photos by Irra Lee and Aimee Mackenzie (Aim To Capture Photography).

For more information, contact the Howick Youth Council at howickyouthcouncil@gmail.com.

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