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East Auckland Enviro Challenge!

Submissions close July 9th

Scroll down for FAQs!

Enviro Challenge is an inter-school environmental competition that encourages students in local schools to deliver projects which will help improve our local environment. The projects delivered will contribute to a point system that helps promote friendly competition between local schools.

The aim of the Enviro Challenge is to empower enviro groups from all 9 East Auckland Schools (Botany, Elim, Edgewater, Howick, Macleans, Ormiston, Pakuranga, Saint Kents & Sancta Maria) to take environmental action through friendly competition while building inter-school connections and developing environmental actions.

The Challenge starts on 24th May, 12am to July 9th, 5pm and is ran in two categories: individual and group. There will be prizes for top performing schools and individuals.


  • For individuals participating/attending events

  • Doing individual environmental initiatives - e.g. change method of daily commute, add compost bin to your house

  • Judged based on a set point system


  • For one or more individuals organising events that engage a wider group of people

  • Judged based on criterias of creativity, engagement and effort - Each action can earn 20-50 points

What is the East Auckland Environmental Challenge?

The Challenge encourages local schools to deliver projects and actions which will help improve our local environment. The projects delivered will contribute to a point system that helps promote friendly competition between local schools.

The Challenge is run in two categories: Individual and Group. There are prizes for top performing schools and individuals.

How do I sign up?

There is no formal sign up process. The Individual and Group submission form will be emailed to the teacher(s)/student(s) in charge of environmental groups at your school. You can then log your actions onto the forms.

How much does it cost to sign up? Do we have to pay a certain amount to deliver our actions?

The Enviro Challenge is free to enter.

How do I earn points?

Points can be earned by completing environmental actions. Lists are provided for individual and group actions in the submission form. You can also add your own actions that have not been listed.

There is a set number of points for completing individual actions whereas, for group actions, the Howick Youth Council will allocate you points based on the effort, creativity and engagement of the action.

How will I know who’s winning?

All points earned by each school are collated by the Howick Youth Council. Your school’s lead environmental group teacher/student will have access to a spreadsheet with the current rankings. Only the top 3 schools will be displayed.

When is the environmental challenge happening?

The Enviro Challenge will run from Monday, the 24th May at 12am to Friday, the 18th June 2021 at 5pm in a span of 4 weeks.

Do we win any prizes?

Prezzy card vouchers are awarded to the top three schools with the most points in the Challenge. The school can spend this money towards funding for their environmental initiatives.

An individual who has earned the most points through Individual Category actions will be awarded a Prezzy card voucher, as will a runner up.

Spot prizes are also awarded to recognise outstanding actions completed in the Group Category. This is decided by the Howick Youth Council. Up to 5 spot prizes may be awarded, each prize being a Prezzy card voucher.

Who can enter this challenge?

Any student between years 9 to 13 from the nine East Auckland schools below are eligible for entry: Botany Downs Secondary College, Edgewater College, Elim Christian College, Howick College, Macleans College, Ormiston Senior College, Pakuranga College, Saint Kentigern College and Sancta Maria College.

Is there a specific location in which the challenge is held?

No. The challenge can be completed at the participant's own discretion, either at school or at home.

How would HYC ensure the competition is kept fair?

To ensure fair competition between the 9 East Auckland schools, points are weighted to schools based on the relativity in populations. i.e. schools with a smaller population are weighted higher due to the smaller number of potential participants.

How can I attach evidence for individual and group actions?

Photographic evidence can be attached in the form of image or video links, the links can be retrieved after uploading on your own Google Drive. All evidence must be submitted within 24 hours of completing the action.

Who do I contact for support?

Should you have any inquiries regarding the Enviro Challenge, feel free to email us. Your environmental group teacher/student leader may be able to support you in your actions and projects as well.

What is the aim of the East Auckland Environmental Challenge?

The East Auckland Environmental Challenge aims to promote environmental action in our local area by encouraging 9 local schools to develop their own actions. We aim to maximise participation from a large number of students and develop youth’s understanding towards the environment while connecting schools through collective environmental action.


The organisations and schools 
we work with

UXB-Arts-Culture (1).png

Macleans College, Botany Downs Secondary College, Pakuranga College, Ormiston Senior College, Edgewater College, St. Kentigern College, Elim Christian College, Howick College, Sancta Maria College

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