• Howick Youth Council

Meet the 2020 Howick Youth Council

Amy Liang: Team 5

Hiya and Kia Ora! My name is Amy and I am the year 13 representative for Pakuranga College this year. I was born in China, Guangzhou, and immigrated to New Zealand when I was 6 years old. I believe embracing challenges, seeking for solutions and maintaining consistent delegation and communication is what brings success as a great leader. I want to motivate and encourage those around me to make positive impacts in the local community, and Howick Youth Council exists to make positive connections between youths, providing everyone with the opportunity to make changes for the better. I’m excited for the upcoming good vibes within the council for 2020 this year!

Andrea Jurgens: Team 4

Hi my name is Andrea and I’m the year 13 school representative for Sancta Maria College for 2020. This is my first year on the youth council and I’m very excited to be part of a driven and motivated team. I am extremely passionate about what young people have to say and making changes in our communities for the better and I hope to bring that passion into our project calendar this year! I look forward to what is installed for the Howick Youth Council this year and the different ways we can empower, represent and connect with the young people in our local area.

Annika Lee: Team 5

Hi! My name is Annika and I am a Year 12 at Macleans College, who will also be an open seat member for the Howick Youth Council in 2020. I was born in New Zealand but am Chinese. I enjoy singing, dancing, and listening to music in my spare time (or just any time). I care a lot about the issues within our community, varying from the ever-growing environmental issues to the nuances of mental health. I am especially passionate about magnifying the views and projecting the voices of our youth so that we can effectively represent our community in the best way possible. Joining the Howick Youth Council will allow me to better engage with the youth, and I look forward to working with everyone to create positive change in the community.

Ben Fraser: Chair

Kia ora! I’m Ben, the Chair of the Howick Youth Council for 2020. I’m a first year uni student studying Law and Arts at the University of Auckland. This is my third year on HYC having previously been a team lead and deputy chair. As well as serving our community on HYC, I sit on the Trust Board of Mike King’s charity Key To Life and on the committee of Auckland Schools Debating. I love traveling, pub quizzes and coffee which is the only way I get any study done.

I’m passionate about the Howick Youth Council’s work amplifying the voices of young people in our community - particularly through projects like the Howick Youth Summit and our Youth Survey which I have been lucky to work on during my time on the Council. I’m looking forward to supporting our incredible group of members lead our community in 2020.

Camryn Chetty: Team 3

Hello :) I’m the Year 13 student representative for Ormiston Senior College and this is my second year on the council. I’m passionate about making effective, positive changes to the environment and advocating for animal rights! I look forward to working with everyone this year and hope to make an impact :) Thanks!

Chloe Yip: Team 2 Lead

Hello! I am a Year 13 student studying at Botany Downs Secondary College, and this is my second year on the council. I am originally from Hong Kong, and I moved to Auckland in 2013 with my family. I joined the Howick Youth Council in the hope of getting more young people involved in politics and creating positive change in the area. I am also passionate about taking care of the environment, improving mental health support, as well as aiding cultural and LGBTQ+ groups. In school, I devote my time to leading an Enviroschools group, taking part in music ensembles, and learning Chinese Lion Dance alongside my studies. I spend my spare time reading, playing music, and watching comedy sitcoms.

Chloe Jackman: Team 5

Kia ora! Ko Chloe tōku ingoa. I am a fourth year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in psychology and social sciences at AUT and currently in Wellington for a 12-week internship at the Ministry of Social Development. I am excited to join the awesome mahi of HYC 2020 as an open seat member as I am passionate about the hauora of our people, whānau and communities and hope to empower rangatahi in East Auckland to be active in our community through engaging projects and interactive initiatives. I love to travel (25 places in the last 25 months), spend time with friends, and chase waterfalls.

Cuan Pillay: Team 3 Lead

Hi my name is Cuan and I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Arts in Drama and English at the University of Auckland. I am a huge advocate for the performing arts, especially in our Howick Local Board area. I would love to develop an environment where everyone feels comfortable and confident to showcase their talents, whether it be on stage or behind the scenes. This will be my fourth fantastic year on the youth council, and I cannot wait to connect and represent our Howick youth community.

Danica Loulie-Wijtenburg: Secretary

Kia ora! I’m Danica, and I have the great privilege this year of taking on the role of Secretary. 2020 will be my second year on HYC, and I’m super excited at this opportunity to continue advocating for and representing the youth of Howick. My passions lie in supporting diversity, but on the side I also have a love for languages, fun historical trivia and my dogs. I can’t wait to play a role in directing HYC’s growth in the future!

Daniela Romero Mittelstadt: Team 5

Kia ora! My name is Daniela and I am a year 13 student from Macleans College. My family migrated to New Zealand from Guatemala in 2008. I am really passionate about global climate issues, and advocating for removing obstacles for marginalised groups both on a local and international scale. Some of my hobbies include travelling, learning languages, practising yoga and spending time with my friends! I joined the Howick Youth Council in hopes that I would be able to create some change in our community and speak about the things that I care about. My time so far on the council has been amazing, I have made so many great friends and have learned a ton of skills that I will be able to take with me in my future studies. 2020 will be my second year on the council and I am very excited for what this year will bring!

Eddy Zhang: Team 1

Hello, my name is Eddy and I am the year 13 representative for Saint Kentigern College. I am Chinese and I love rapping. I play basketball at times and I like to be active. I hope I can make a lot of new friends this year and contribute in helping the community. I moved to the Howick region when I was eleven and I enjoy my time in this community. My goal at the council is to provide more to the youths of our society. Yo yo yo, keep it steady, because Eddy is ready. To make spaghetti, I need to make sure the stove is litty. I love dogs and kitties, due to the fact they are so pretty. I rap like Biggie multiplied by Diddy, but I'm not too needy. yeety eedy. Ok boomer zoomer's out.

Elaine Huang: Team 1

Yo! My name is Elaine and 2020 action is the main. I’m the year 12 representative for Botany Downs Secondary College. I’m Chinese and I enjoy painting, hiking, and learning new things, especially about others as well as the area I live in. My passion lies in culture and the environment around us. I joined the Howick Youth Council in hopes of raising environmental awareness to youth today, at a time where climate change would alter the world as we know it. I believe that the Howick Youth Council is a place where the youth are represented and the voices of the future are heard. I’m excited for the upcoming year and look forward to generate action with the brilliant members of the council!

Emma Frith: Team 2

Hi my name’s Emma Frith and I am currently going to Elim Christian College for Year 12. My passions include helping others with problems they may not be able to overcome with a simple black and white view to bring a proactive change in the community. I’m looking forward to working with all of you in this coming year :)

Hannah Giles: Team 1

Hey! My name is Hannah and I'm the year 12 Macleans College representative for 2020. I love to be active and play sports in my spare time. I also enjoy travelling and in doing so gain new understanding about different ideas and cultures. I joined the Howick Youth council as I endeavour to make sure youth voices are heard and represented in local government to create a better future. I am passionate about creating positive changes in the Howick community including areas such as mental health and the environment. I hope to work closely with HYC this year and am excited for new tasks ahead!

Joanne Ting: Team 3

Whats up! I’m Joanne Ting, I’m loud, confident, outgoing and enthusiastic. I’m real passionate about youth leadership and youth voice because we make up 20% of today's population but 100% of the future! I love music, rugby and FOOD!

Justin Hu: Communications Lead

Hey, I’m Justin — 2020 comms lead, Howick resident and a first-year journalism student at AUT. I'm uber passionate about improving public transport in east Auckland and getting youth engaged with civics. In the brief (unlikely) moments, in which I’m not awkwardly entrapping myself within my own sentence construction, you'll find me seeking refuge in the lyrical melancholy of Tiny Ruins and espresso-based beverages. This is my first full term on the youth council.

Leané Te Boekhorst: Team 5 Lead

Kia ora! I’m Leané and I am a Year 13 student from Ormiston Senior College. I am very passionate about the performing arts, and also about creating a community where youth can feel engaged, represented and accepted. In my spare time I enjoy reading, learning new languages and expanding my knowledge on topics that interest me. I joined the Youth Council to better advocate for youth in the community, to connect with like-minded people and to create a community that facilitates youth. 2020 will be my first full year on the Council and I am excited to see what the next year will bring for the council.

Lia Arroyo: Communications Team

Hey everyone! My name is Lia, I am 17 years old and currently studying at Ormiston Senior College. I am passionate about empowering the youth, and ensuring all young people in East Auckland are able to reach their full potential. This is my first year with the Howick Youth Council, and I’m so stoked to be a part of a like-minded and dedicated group that creates change and engages youth! I am also excited to join the Communications team for the first time this year. Aside from youth empowerment, I’m also very passionate about Digital Technology and advocating for young women in STEM :)

Matt Templar: Team 4

Hey I am Matt, I am a year 13 student at Elim Christian College. This is my second year on the council. Last year I discovered and developed so much through the council so I am excited to see what this year holds. I am passionate about any forms/medians of art and design and the environment.

Minju Kim: Team 2

Hi! I’m Minju and I am the Year 12 rep for Sancta Maria College in 2020. I’m passionate about discussing and fixing issues in our community, and I joined the Howick Youth Council because I wanted to make a difference during the time I have as a student. I hope I can put in a lot of work into the Howick Youth Council next year so that I can make a change! Other than this, I also love to play music (I play the cello and tenor saxophone) and hope to study this in university. Thank you for always supporting our Youth Council, and I hope to make a big impact with the time I have in the council next year!!

Noyiuki Obasuyi: Team 4

¡Que lo que mi gente! I'm Noyiuki and I'm the year 12 representative for Pakuranga College and I'm excited to be apart of this council. I like to play the piano, study, learn languages, cook, play basketball and spend time with family on a regular basis. I applied to join the Howick Youth Council because I was interested in running events for the community and meeting new people in a refreshing environment. Applying for this Council was also a way to get out of my comfort zone of sticking with the same people and to start utilising my leadership qualities outside the school environment. I'm also passionate about helping and connecting with people which I'm excited to do in this council

Regina Tao: Team 4

Hey, my name is Regina and I am the year 12 representative of Saint Kentigern College for 2020. I enjoy the creative arts like sculpture, designing, photography, along with singing, and also am a huge foodie. My goal this year is to enhance our community by reaching out to youth and seeing everyone’s perspectives, whether it be mental health or environmental issues, as well as our overall connection with one another. I am passionate about positively empowering youth and making sure that everybody has as many opportunities as possible. By joining the Howick Youth Council I hope to grow as a person to improve not only myself, but the wellbeing of our youth, looking forward to 2020! :)

Sachi Kapadia: Communications Team

Hey! I’m Sachi- this year's deputy comms, and first year architecture student at the University of Auckland. This is my second year on the council and I’m super excited to be able to work with the comms team for the first time. I’m passionate about all things creative and would love to be able to increase youth engagement towards issues that may be overlooked. I look forward to seeing new faces this year, and becoming even more competitive at board games!

Sarisha Claassen: Treasurer

Hey! I’m Sarisha and I have the honour of being your Howick Youth Council Treasurer for 2020. I study at Auckland University of Technology, studying a conjoint bachelor of Business and Computer Science. My interests include going to the gym, being a Netsafe Youth Ambassador and working as a Swim Teacher and at a local Cafe.

This year is my third year of being on the council and I have been involved in running the Youth Summit, Jump the Jam Away, Beach Clean Up, Youth Awards and more. I am excited to see the future of the council and the new ideas we can develop.

Twinkle Jani: Team 3

Hi I’m Twinkle and I am delighted to be the year 13 representative of Howick College throughout 2020. I am a new member of the Howick Youth Council and am very excited to share this year alongside an amazing group of individuals who are just as passionate to improve and empower our community as I am. I am a strong believer in there being power in numbers. At the same time, I also know the importance of everyone’s ability to voice their thoughts on matters that affect each individual, even if it isn’t a popular belief.

Victoria Kree: Team 1 Lead

Susaday! Victoria Kree’s the name and change is my game. I will be the year 12 representative for Ormiston Senior College in 2020. I’m of Cambodian descent but was born and raised in New Zealand. I have an interest in classical literature and movies and in my spare time like to craft things and bake. I am passionate about pragmatically protecting our environment and growing less stigmatized mindsets towards LGBTQIA+ and mental illness in our community. The Howick Youth Council is the forefront for youth empowerment in a structured and effective manner and I am extremely grateful to be a part of it! I hope to make many new like-minded friends this year and to allow youth to do the same. Thank you for reading to the end! :)

Willy Leiataua: Team 3

Hi! My name is Willy and I am a Year 13 student attending Edgewater College. I’m passionate about music and performing, and have always loved working in collaboration with other people - always brings out the best in me! Joining the council I had hoped to help give back to the community that has helped shape part of who I am. This is my second year on the council and after having such a great time last year working with other members of the council planning out and helping out with events. I am excited and looking forward to this year!